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Sell your car the easy way - find out what your car is worth today

Sell used Golf today!  Top prices paid call 0421101021

Sell used Golf for cash today - We Buy Sydney Cars - photo showing the front drivers side angle view of a used Golf we purchased for cash in Sydney

Do you need to sell used Golf today?  The We Buy Sydney Cars team is waiting for your call at 0421101021.  We buy all types of used Golfs with or without rego.   The team will even buy it if all the engine management lights are on or it does not start!  Give Shaun a call on 0421101021 to get a free valuation.  Free pick up and collection from your home, or workplace or drive it to our depot for a higher price!  If you are looking to sell used Golf today, then get on the phone and call Shaun at 0421101021.


Sell your old car for cash or trade up – call today!

We want to hear from you if you want to sell my used Golf today. The team at Sydneycars will take your older car as a trade-in or buy it and pay you in cash or a bank transfer on the spot.  No waiting around for your money or dealing with the adverts and time wasters on the internet.  Call Shaun on 0421101021 for a free “price my car” valuation over the phone today.

How much is my car worth?

Find out your car’s worth by filling in this simple form. Our team will get back to you and give you a great price on a trade-in or a cash deal to buy your car.

Sell your car the easy way

Find out how much your car is worth today

Our brand new car buying service from We Buy Sydney Cars removes the hassle of selling your car and dealing with the public. Enter your registration number, and we’ll make you a competitive and guaranteed offer with no fuss and no hidden sneaky fees. As it’s all done online, you can sit back and wait for us to come to you to take your car away.



Got an expensive repair bill, so sell it today for cash!

Sell used Golf for cash today - We Buy Sydney Cars - photo showing the rear drivers side angle view of a used Golf we purchased for cash in Sydney

The Volkswagon brand is well respected worldwide, especially in Europe, but it does not hold the same status in Australia.  They can be expensive to repair as they age, especially if you have an engine management problem lighting up the dashboard like a Christmas tree.  If this is the case, selling used Golf in this condition will be hard.

Keeping them in good condition as they age can get expensive!  As they are getting older and parts are very expensive to source here in Australia, most people scrap the car instead of trying to sell used Golf. However, we do not want you to do this!  Call Shaun at 0421101021, and he will give you an instant valuation, making it easier for you to sell used Golf fast today!



The Volkswagen TSI Vs GTI Engine – we buy both!

Sell used Golf for cash today - We Buy Sydney Cars - photo showing the vw Golf TSI engine without the car

Many emails often ask about the difference between the TSI and the GTI engines. In the first place, the Volkswagen turbocharged stratified injected (TSI) engine has been designed to be a lightweight, powerful, fuel-efficient four-cylinder traditional combustion engine.  Thus, The TSI engine can supply the power needed through RPM ranges (Supercharger for low RPM, Turbocharger for high RPM) without sacrificing much performance. When it comes to the GTI engines, they are normally found in the sports versions of the vehicle.  At the present time, they are designed to be better at supplying speed and force at high RPM.

Therefore, as they age, these engines can cause you a lot of trouble and light up the dashboard full of engine management lights.  If this problem has happened to your Golf, selling used Golf in this condition will be hard.  Do not worry; our European mechanic’s team can review the issue and quote you for a repair.  If the price to repair the damage to the engine means it is not worth repairing the ending, and thus you can not sell used Golf, then we are here to help.

The team will give you a cash valuation for your damaged vehicle and ensure you get something back when you try to sell used Golf in this condition.  Call Shaun at 0421101021; he will talk you through all the options and give you an instant valuation over the phone today!

Sell used Golf – A non-running Golf is still worth money – call today!

Used Golf TSI for sale - front passenger side view

A non-running Golf is still worth some money!  We don’t care what model or specifications it has. It does not even have to work or even be drivable! If you are thinking about getting rid of or want to sell used Golf, call us today on 0421101021. If you need to sell used Golf, then we have cash waiting for you

  • Make: Volkswagon
  • Model: we buy any Volkswagon Golf
  • Transmission – automatic or manual
  • Any age or condition
  • Body type: three or five-door versions wanted
  • Any engine size
  • Fuel: petrol or diesel
  • Colour: any colour or even damaged paintwork is ok
  • Seats: leather or cloth
  • Sell used Golf for cash today – call 0421101021

We buy both automatic and manual used Golfs for sale

Used Golf TSI for sale - view from driver seat

Here at We Buy Sydney Cars for cash we do not care if you have a manual or an automatic vehicle you want to sell.  Everyone knows selling a manual car in Australia is way harder as most people drive autos.  Therefore if you want to sell used Golf manual, call us on 0421101021 today. We will price give you a valuation over the phone and collect your car on the same day. Our team handles all the paperwork, and you will be able to relax as it is easy to sell used Golf with us.

We Buy Sydney Cars Customer Reviews and Ratings

An image showing a Google customer Review for We Buy Sydneycars from Harry who sold a used car for cash

The We Buy Sydney Cars team are the go-to people to talk to when selling a used Golf in any condition.  We offer a fast, professional service and will handle all the sales paperwork.  We have plenty of good customer reviews from people who have used our professional service.  Have a read of the reviews below, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Shaun on 0421101021 today.

Easy way to sell my used car

“Shaun was great to deal with – upfront, honest and helpful.  I would happily do business again and recommend to anyone looking for a fair price for a used car they are struggling to sell.”

Sold a manual Golf easy

“I was able to sell used Golf on the same day I called Shaun for a valuation over the phone.  We had a manual Golf, and I thought it would be easy to sell it, but it dragged on for weeks.  I didn’t realise how hard it is to sell a manual car here in Australia.  After the call, I drove to the depot in Botany, and they purchased the car from me within thirty minutes.  The German lady in the office took care of all the legal paperwork, and they paid for an Uber back to Redfern.”

Customer review – Same day pick up and paid in cash

“Great customer service from these guys!  I had a problematic Golf that I could not sell online!  All the engine management lights were on, and the quote to fix it from the VW garage was nuts and was worth more than the car!  I was going to give up but called Shaun to see if I could sell my Golf.  He gave me a price over the phone and said the tow truck could swing around in an hour as it was close to my house.  Turned up on time, towed away the car and paid cash.  Couldn’t ask for better service!”

Sold car during Covid – was able to sell accident-damaged Golf”

I had an accident with our beloved Golf, and the insurance company wrote off the car.  Due to covid, we were reluctant to put it online to sell.  Therefore gave Shaun a call, and we agreed on a price over the phone to sell used Golf, and they collected it on the same day.  Everyone was wearing masks and had gloves on.  Very professional service.  Money was already transferred to my account before they picked up the car!”

Here are some more options to consider

If you want to sell your used car for cash, then the team here at We Buy Sydney Cars what to talk to you asap.  If you have an unwanted, used car and want to sell it fast, call Shaun at 0421101021.  We can give you an instant valuation over the phone within sixty seconds.  Then you will know what price my used car is worth in today’s market.  Here is a list of some of the used cars we have collected from people’s homes recently and paid them cash on collection.

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  2. Suzuki Swift
  3. Honda Civic – wanted for cash!
  4. Toyota Corolla
  5. Holden Barina
  6. Hyundai Getz
  7. Sell my VW Golf for cash
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  12. Check out Sydneycars Instagram page for new arrivals and special offers


Contact We Buy Sydney Cars to sell an older car for cash

If you want to sell used Golf for cash, head to our depot, and we will buy it within sixty minutes!  The address for our cash for cars Sydney branch is 11A Clevedon Street, Botany, 2019, Sydney.  To make life easier, we will pay for a FREE UBER ride home if you drive to our depot and sell your car to us.  We take care of everything for you!

Thinking of selling a used car for cash – ask us a question?

If you have any questions about selling used Golf for cash, we are here to help.  Just enter your question below, and our team will get back to you asap.