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Sell your car the easy way - find out what your car is worth today

Sell used Astra for cash today in Sydney | Call 0421101021

Sell used Astra For cash - photo showing used Astra purchased for cash today

If you want to sell used Astra for cash, you have come to the right place.  We Buy Sydney Cars team is looking to buy all kinds of old Holden cars in any condition.  Call Shaun on 0421101021 to get a free price my car valuation over the phone.  The team here are professional and super fast.

We can collect your car from your home or workplace, or you can drive to our depot here in Sydney. The team will handle all the paperwork, and we will do our best to make it super easy to sell used Astra for cash in Sydney today.  Get on the phone and call Shaun to get a quote today.

Sell used Astra for cash or trade up to a newer model

We want to hear from you if you want to sell used Astra. The team here at Sydneycars will take your older car as a trade-in or buy it and pay you in cash or a bank transfer.  Call Shaun on 0421101021 for a free “price my car” valuation over the phone today.

How much is my car worth?

Find out your car’s worth by filling in this simple form. Our team will get back to you and give you a great price on a trade-in or a cash deal to buy your car.

Sell your car the easy way

Find out how much your car is worth today

Our brand new car buying service from We Buy Sydney Cars removes the hassle of selling your car and dealing with the public. Enter your registration number, and we’ll make you a competitive and guaranteed offer with no fuss and no hidden sneaky fees. As it’s all done online, you can sit back and wait for us to come to you to take your car away.

We Pay Cash on Collection for any older Holden in any condition!

Sell used Astra for cash - photo of an older Astra from passenger side we purchased today

If you have an older car and it’s not in the best shape, then now is the time to contact We Buy Sydney Cars.  We don’t care if it has rego or has a few dents in the side.  The team will buy all colours and models, making it easy to sell used Astra regardless of the condition.  Plus, our sister company,, also sells loads of good value-for-money used cars for sale under $10,000 in Sydney, and you can also trade in an older car instead of spending weeks trying to sell used Astra.  Call Shaun today on 0421101021 for an instant used car valuation over the phone.

We Buy All Old Cars for Cash in Sydney

Holden Astra for sale - front side view

When the Holden Astra first came onto the market, it was a fuel-efficient, affordable, and very popular choice for drivers in Australia.  great small car.  Anybody who wanted to sell used Astra often found it easy to sell as they were in-demand vehicles on the second-hand market.

Times have changed, and the older Astras are becoming harder to sell, even in great condition online.  The We Buy Sydney Cars team is here to help you sell used Astra.  We will be any older used Holden Astra in any condition.  We do not worry about which model or vehicle specification you have.  If you need to sell used Astra, then we have cash waiting for you:

  • We buy all used Astras for cash
  • Transmission – automatic or manual
  • Any age or condition
  • Body type: three or five-door versions wanted
  • Any engine size – does not need to work!
  • Fuel: petrol or diesel
  • Now is the time to sell used Astra by calling 0421101021 today


Sell used Astra in any condition for cash today

Holden Astra for sale - view from the drivers seat area

With European styling inside and out, these cars used to be a popular choice for families for second cars and the price-savvy commuter.  However, as cars become more modern, these older Holdens are no longer cutting the mustard.  Therefore if you want to sell used Astra and are struggling online, then now is the time to call We Buy Sydney Cars on 0421101021.  We will give you an instant price my use car valuation over the phone.


Do I sell or repair an older car – call 0421101021 for free advice

Do I repair or sell an older car? Photo of our mechanic doing a free valuation for a customer at We Buy Sydney Cars

The team will do our best to offer you the highest price for your used or unwanted Astra,l and remember; we pay cash collection! Don’t worry if the features listed below do not work or are broken.  We buy non-working cars for cash, so call us at 0421101021 today.

  • Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft – working or broken
  • Engine Immobiliser – works or is broken
  • Dual Front Airbag Package ok or not working
  • Central Locking Remote Control – lost key or broken
  • Electric Mirrors – not functioning or smashed
  • Power Windows – not working
  • Radio CD with or without speakers or head unit
  • Seatbelts – Pre-Tensioners broken or seatbelts ripped
  • Call Shaun at 0421101021 to Sell used Astra today

Customer reviews for We Buy Sydney Cars in Sydney

Holden Astra Customer Review - Sydneycars

Years ago, we used to sell loads of used Holden Astras as they were a popular choice.  They had great customer reviews online, and the car offered excellent value for money.  As they age, the wheels have started to fall off the wagon, and now they are harder to sell used Astra online.  If you struggle to sell your used car, call the team at 0421101021.

Read our customer reviews online, and they all mention we offer a fast and efficient way to sell used Astra with no dramas.  The team will handle all the paperwork for you and can pick up your car at home or your workplace.  Please read our reviews and give us a call today.

Fast and professional service – turned up on time + paid cash

“Fast and professional service from the team at We Buy Sydney Cars.  We found it hard to sell used Astra online as it was an older manual model.   After three weeks online and zero leads, we phoned these guys, and they gave us a price over the phone.   They came to the house on time, handled all the legal paperwork, sold the car in a few hours, and paid cash on collection.  Great service, and I would recommend these guys any day”.

I needed to sell a car during the pandemic

“I lost my job during the pandemic and had to sell my used Astra to help with the daily cost of living.  We tried to sell it online, but this process was tough during the lockdown.  After three weeks with no takers, I had to take action, and a friend recommended calling Shaun.  We agreed on a price over the phone, and he picked up the car the same afternoon.  I didn’t need to do any paperwork, and Shaun handled all the legal stuff and paid in cash.”

Great service, and arrived on time and paid cash

Another positive customer review from John B from Maroubra Junction. “Impressed with Shaun and the team at We Buy Sydney Cars.  Firstly, they arrived on time and kept their distance in these mad COVID times.  They bought the car over the phone, turned up, and towed it away without any dramas.”

Similar used vehicles are wanted, and we pay cash for cars!

Sell your car the easy way - photo of three cars for sale - Sydneycars

This page is about how to sell used Astra easily, but we also buy similar used cars for cash.  Here are some similar vehicles we want to buy for cash in Sydney today!  You are welcome to call us on 0421101021 and find out how much your used car is worth today?

  1. Suzuki Swift wanted
  2. Hyundai Getz – we pay cash
  3. Toyota Corolla – wanted – cash waiting
  4. Holden Barina – we buy Holdens for cash
  5. Toyota Yaris – WANTED FOR CASH
  6. Sell a used Holden Astra for cash
  7. Nissan Tiida wanted for cash
  8. Check us out on Sydneycar’s Instagram page



Contact We Buy Sydney Cars

CASH 4 CARS - image for We Buy Sydney Cars advert showing a hand with cash for cars and a telephone number

If you want to sell used Astra at a top price, drive to our depot, and we will buy it for cash today.   The address of our cash for cars Sydney branch is 11A Clevedon Street, Botany, 2019, Sydney. You can call us anytime on 0421101021 to sell your car!

Free Uber home when you drive to our depot to sell your car

We Buy Sydney Cars team makes it easy to sell used Astra for cash.  We will give you a  FREE UBER ride home in Sydney (max value $75) if you drive to our depot and sell your car to us.  This way, you do not need to ask a friend to accompany you or pay for an expensive taxi to sell a used car today in Sydney.

Thinking of selling a used car for cash – ask us a question?

If you have questions about selling used Astra the easy way, we are here to help.  Just enter your question below, and our team will get back to you ASAP.