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Sell my used golf for cash in Sydney today!

Sell my Used Golf for Cash in Sydney - front drivers side angle

The Team at We Buy Sydney Cars have a soft spot for Golfs, and therefore always looking to buy older models.  If you have or want to sell my used Golf for cash, then call Shaun on 0421101021.  We can offer you an instant price my car quote over the phone.  This service allows you to get a realistic market value for your car, so you can work out which option is the best way to sell a used car in Sydney.

We Buy All Used Golfs Regardless of Specifications

Sell my used Golf for cash - automatic models wanted - rear drivers side angle view

If you are looking to sell my used Golf but not sure if your model is saleable?  Well, the answer with We Buy Sydney Cars is always YES!  We buy all types and models of used Golfs for cash at oud depot in the Eastern Suburbs.  The team can pick up your car for free from your home or at your workplace for no extra charges.  We are the fastest and the easiest way to sell my used Golf for cash in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

  • Make: We buy all types of Volkswagons
  • Model: Any type of Golf wanted
  • Built: Any age
  • Engine: all engine types
  • Mileage: high or low is all good
  • Transmission: Automatic or manual
  • Inside seats: cloth or leather trim
  • AC: working or broken is ok
  • No service history or missing service schedule is ok
  • We buy used Golfs with or without rego
  • Sell my used Gold for cash with We Buy Sydney Cars today!


Vehicle Features –  we buy autos or manual used Golfs

Sell mu Used Golf - view from drivers seat of an auto Golf we purchased from customer

It does not matter what features your used Golf has.  In addition, we buy the harder to sell manual versions which are popular in Europe.  Below is a list of some of the more expensive common faults that are very expensive to repair in Australia.  If you have any of these faults or a combination of a few of them on an older Golf for sale, watch out for you wallet!  It will cost a fortune to get them fixed!  You might be better off selling it for a cash price and buying something better.

  • Sell my used Golf for cash common expensive problems!
  • Dual Front Airbag warning light on!
  • Anti-lock Braking major fault
  • Brake Assist management light on
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution faulty
  • Engine Immobiliser not working
  • Traction Control System warning light
  • If you have any of these problems call Shaun on 0421101021 for help


We buy all body shapes – 3 or 5 door models for cash

Used Golf for sale automatic model - view rear vehicle

Normally when they are brand new, these Golfs were a great car.  However, as they get older, the running costs can get expensive!  Just the price of parts will bring tears to your eyes when you have to special order them from Germany!!!!   Therefore if you want to sell my used Golf and it is an older model or has some problems, we will still buy it.  Now is the time to call Shaun on 0421101021 and he will give you an instant price my car quote over the phone.

We always pay cash when we buy your old Golf

Another key point to note with We Buy Sydney Cars is our cash for cars same day package.  When you get a quote over the phone, we arrange to pick up the car you want to sell on the same day.  As soon as we arrange we sort out the paperwork, tow away the car and always pay cash. Call Shaun on 0421101021 and sell that VW Golf today!

Selling a used Golf – customer reviews and comments – We Buy Sydney Cars

Used Golf for sale Automatic - front passenger side view

Here are just a couple of our customer reviews from previous customers who wanted to sell my used Golf for cash.  If you want more information about our cash for cars buying service, call Shaun on 0421101021.  He can give you a free price my car valuation over the phone in less than a minute!  The quote is valid for two weeks, so you have time to shop around and find the best deal for your used car for sale.


Problematic older Golf unsellable with major engine black box fault

“We owned a lovely used Golf and had it for years with no problems.  I know it was getting old and took it in to the garage has an engine management light started blinking.  The engine would just lose power and this was dangerous on the freeway or driving in Sydney!  Took it to a Golf garage and they ran a diagnostics program and said the engine management part had to be ordered in from Germany.  The cost was $1750 + labour to fit it!

The used Golf was not worth much more money than this but wanted to get a second opinion.  I work just around the corner from these guys in Botany, so swung by one lunchtime.  Shaun was very helpful and got it on the ramp and explained the parts needed to be replaced.  He said a cheaper option was to go via an independent garage and he could recommend someone who could source the part and get it fitted for $950.

We took him up on the offer and now we have our used Golf back on the road for less than $1000.  There is no way you could buy a similar car like this for less than $3K, so was very happy to get that second opinion from We Buy Sydney Cars – thanks 🙂


Called got a quote and same day collection!

“These guys do exactly what they say on their website! I gave Shaun a call and he gave me a price over the phone with no hanging around.  I had emailed loads of these cash for cars companies and they took ages to get back to me.  Not with these guys!  Shaun gave me a price over the phone and said he could pick up the car in an hour’s time!  My wife was at home and his team turned up on time, no haggling, no hassles and my wife sold our Golf within ten minutes of them turning up.  Fast, professional and pay cash – very good service.”


Sell your used car for cash today – call 0421101021

Sell your car the easy way - photo of three cars for sale - Sydneycars

If you want to sell your used car for cash today, then we want to hear from you! This page is all about how to “sell my Citroen C4 for cash”, but we also buy all types of older cars for cash.  Here is a quick list of some of the cars we have bought for cash recently. If you have a used car and want to sell it, then give Shaun a call on 0421101021.  He can easily give you an instant price of my car quote over the phone.

  1. Suzuki Swift
  2. Honda Civic – wanted for cash!
  3. Toyota Corolla
  4. Holden Barina
  5. Hyundai Getz
  6. Fiat Punto wanted for cash
  7. Used Citroen C4 wanted for cash


Contact us to sell your car for cash

Contact us to sell my used Golf for cash today. Give Shaun a call on 0421101021 and he will give you an instant “price my car” quote over the phone.  This service enables you to quickly find out how much your used car is worth in today’s marketplace.  You can email us at webuysydneycars for more details.  Our cash for cars depot in Sydney is located at 11A Clevedon Street, Botany, 2019, Sydney.

Thinking of selling a car for cash today – ask us a question?

If you have any questions about how to sell my used Golf for cash, then we are here to help.  You can contact us by typing your question below.  We will quickly get back to you with a cash for cars valuation.