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Sell your car the easy way - find out what your car is worth today

Sell my used Suzuki the easy way with We Buy Sydney Cars

Sell my used Suzuki for Cash in Sydney - front view showing hail damaged vehicle

If you are looking to sell my used Suzuki for cash in Sydney then you have come to the right place.  We buy all kinds of Japanese used cars regardless of the condition.  We have bought this used Suzuki and it has a lot of heavy hail damage.   Call Shaun on 0421101021 for an instant price for my car quote today!

We buy hail-damaged cars for cash

We love buying all kinds of used and damaged Japanese cars.  It does not matter if it has rego or not.  Out of state number plates are not a problem.  If unfortunately like this owner your vehicle got caught out in a heavy hail storm, then it will be hard to sell your used car.  This problem for you becomes a hard one to solve.  However, with the professional team from We Buy Sydney Cars we can fix this over the phone in minutes.

Sell your old car for cash or trade up – call today!

We want to hear from you if you want to sell used Camry. The team here at Sydneycars will take your older car as a trade-in or buy it and pay you in cash or a bank transfer on the spot.  No waiting around for your money or dealing with the adverts and time wasters on the internet.  Call Shaun on 0421101021 for a free “price my car” valuation over the phone today.

How much is my car worth?

Find out your car’s worth by filling in this simple form. Our team will get back to you and give you a great price on a trade-in or a cash deal to buy your car.

Sell your car the easy way

Find out how much your car is worth today

Our brand new car buying service from We Buy Sydney Cars removes the hassle of selling your car and dealing with the public. Enter your registration number, and we’ll make you a competitive and guaranteed offer with no fuss and no hidden sneaky fees. As it’s all done online, you can sit back and wait for us to come to you to take your car away.



Sell my used Suzuki – any make or model wanted for cash!

Sell my used Suzuki for Cash - front driver side view photo of the car

The family of Suzuki vehicles in Australia have always had a good reputation. They are popular sellers of used cars for sale in Sydney market as well.  However, if you have an old one, it could be harder to sell as they are less popular than Toyota.

Our team is always here to offer you good value for money used cars for cash quote.  Remember all you have to do is call Shaun on 0421101021 and he will sort it out for you.  Here is the typical type of older used Suzuki we like to buy.

  • Make – we buy all kinds of Suzuki vehicles
  • Model wanted: Any  Suzuki
  • Any age
  • With or without rego is no problems
  • Any kilometres – high or low is no bother
  • Body type: – we buy all types
  • Engine: any size is ok
  • We buy non-running used Suzuki vehicles
  • Transmission: Automatic or manual is ok
  • Colour: any colour
  • Condition of the bodywork: we buy it with any damage (including hail damage!)
  • Sell my used Suzuki for cash today – call Shaun on 0421101021

The view from the back of the vehicle

Sell my used Suzuki for Cash in Sydney - photo showing vehicle purchases with dents and hail damage

If the vehicle has dents or marks, do not worry.  We will buy it for parts and can dispose of your vehicle for you.  At the same time, we can organise all the transfer documents and pay you in cash on collection.  You can sell my used Suzuki for cash with our professional team at We Buy Sydney Cars.  Call us today on 0421101021 for a quote right now

Sell my used Suzuki customer reviews for We Buy Sydney Cars

Suzuki SX4 Customer Review from Sydneycars

If you want to sell my used Suzuki the easy way, you have come to the right place.  We Buy Sydney Cars offers a professional, simple way to sell your car within an hour at our depot in Sydney.  The team can also collect it for free from your home or workplace.  We give you a valuation over the phone, and then lock in the price for seven days.  This process allows you time to think or even try and sell my used Suzuki online.

If you get lucky online, call us to say you have sold it, and all is good.  We like to look after our customers here, and if you don’t manage to sell my used Suzuki, then you have the seven-day guarantee and can sell it to us with a simple call to 0421101021, and we will handle all the legal paperwork for you.  The simple process give you an easy way to sell your car and focus on the newer model you have just bought.

Please have a read of our customer reviews from people who wanted to sell my used Suzuki and used our easy way to sell your car in Sydney service.  If you have questions or want a quote over the phone, call Shaun at 0421101021 today. 

Customer review – Same day pick up and paid in cash

“Great customer service from these guys!  I had a problematic Suzuki that I could not sell online!  I was going to give up but called Shaun to see if I could sell my car even thought the dashboard lights were lit up like a Xmas tree! He gave me a price over the phone and said the tow truck could swing around in an hour as it was close to my house.  Turned up on time, towed away the car and paid cash.  Couldn’t ask for better service!”

Hard to sell manual Suzuki – sold in one hour

“We sold our used Suzuki to We Buy Sydney Cars within one hour of calling them!  We had a manual version of the Suzuki, and it was a decent car, but we found it very hard to sell online.  Everyone was turned off by the fact it was manual!  A friend recommended calling Shaun to get a quote to sell my used Suzuki, and they gave me a quote straight away over the phone. 

Shaun arranged to swing by within the hour and pick up the car, and do all the paperwork.  He turned on time with a tow truck and collected the car without drama.  They pay us in cash, brilliant service!”

Great service, and arrived on time and paid cash

Another positive customer review from John B from Maroubra Junction. “Impressed with Shaun and the team at We Buy Sydney Cars.  Firstly, they arrived on time and kept their distance in these mad COVID times.  They bought the car over the phone, and we agreed on a price.  They turned up, towed the car away, and handled all the paperwork.  Paid me in cash and was easy to sell this car to these guys – would use again.”

Similar used vehicles we want to buy for cash!

Sell your car the easy way - photo of three cars for sale - Sydneycars


If you do not want to sell my used Suzuki but instead have a different car, we want to buy that too!  The We Buy Sydney Cars team will buy all used cars for cash in any condition.  Here is a list of similar cars we purchased for cash in Sydney this week.  Call us today on 0421101021, and we will buy your car asap!  Here is a list of similar cars we have recently purchased for cash:

  1. Suzuki Swift 
  2. Hyundai Getz
  3. Toyota Corolla
  4. Holden Barina
  5. Toyota Yaris wanted for cash!
  6. Honda Civic – we buy Hondas for cash
  7. Sell my Nissan Micra for cash
  8. Used Astra cars wanted for cash
  9. Proton used cars wanted for cash
  10. Check out Sydneycar’s Instagram page for new arrivals and special offers

Want to sell any older car for cash?

We buy all kinds of old cars for cash in Sydney - Photo showing a man holding a lot of Australian dollars after selling his car to Sydneycars

If you are about to sell my used Suzuki and don’t want the hassle of seeing it yourself privately, then the team here at webuysydneycars can help you.  We purchase all types of used vehicles with or without rego in Sydney.  We can conveniently pick up your used car from your home or workplace, or you can drive to our depot and sell on the spot.  The team here are ready to make the process of how to sell my used Suzuki as easy as possible with the minimum of fuss.  Give Shaun a call on 0421101021 to sell your car for cash today.

Contact We Buy Sydney Cars Today!

Want to sell my used Suzuki for cash today?  The fast way to sell it is to drive to our cars for cash centre in Sydney. Call us on the route over (using hands-free), and we will give you a price over the phone.  When you arrive, we will buy it from you and do all the paperwork when you count your cash.

Thinking of selling a used car for cash – ask us a question?

If you have any questions about selling my used Suzuki for cash, our team is here to help you.  Just enter your question below, and our team will get back to you asap.