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Sell your car the easy way - find out what your car is worth today

Sell my Audi A3 for Cash – We Want to Buy Your Car!

Sell my Audi A3 for Cash - We Buy Audi Cars - front driver side view

If you want to sell my Audi A3 quickly, then the We Buy Sydney Cars team is the people to talk to!  We buy all models and specification levels of Audi here in the Eastern Suburbs and will pay you cash on collection!

All you have to do is call Shaun on 0421101021 and we will give you an instant quote on the phone in less than sixty seconds!  We will arrange same-day collection and pay you in cash for the used car you are selling.

Sell my Audi A3 – we buy any body shape or condition

Sell my Audi A3 for Cash - We Buy Audi Cars - rear drivers side view

We Buy Sydney Cars are actively looking to buy used Audi A3’s for cash in Sydney.   Our team get lots of emails from our contact us page from people looking to sell my Audi A3, so if you have one for sale we want to hear from you.  Don’t worry about what body shape, number of doors or if it is auto or manual!

The team will buy all used Audi’s for cash.  All you have to do is call Shaun on 0421101021 and say you want to sell my Audi A3, and Shaun will give you a price over the phone.

Vehicle Specifications – we buy all models

Sell my Audi A3 for Cash - We Buy Audi Cars - view from drivers seat area

If you are thinking about or want to sell my Audi A3, then we are the people to talk to.  It does not matter if it is a manual or automatic Audi A3, as we buy both for cash! The model, specifications and actual condition of the car are not important.  We will buy accident-damaged and non-starting vehicles as well.

  • Make: We Buy All Audi cars for cash
  • Model: Audi – any model or specs
  • The year: purchase all years and models
  • Rego: buy used A3s with or without rego
  • Kilometres: does not matter
  • Body type: not important
  • Engine: any size
  • Transmission: Automatic or manual
  • Colour: any colour or condition
  • Sell my Audi A3 the easy way – call Shaun at 0421101021


Audi A3 – We Buy All Specifications and Models

The Audi A3 came in lots of different models and specification levels.  Therefore, if you are trying to sell my Audi A3 and the car is either the base model or has some problems, do not worry.  We buy all specifications and models of the Audi A3 regardless of the condition. Below is a list of some problems on older A3 for sale.  We will still buy your A3 if you have any of these problems. If you have any further questions, give us a call here in Sydney is 0421101021.

  • Sell my Audi A3 for cash – we buy your car in any condition
  • Dual Front Airbag Package – working or non-working
  • Air Conditioning does not need to function
  • Anti-lock Braking issues
  • 15 Inch Alloy Wheels marked up or cracked
  • Cruise Control non-functioning
  • Central Locking Remote Control lost or broke
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution faulty
  • Engine Immobiliser fault
  • Leather Steering Wheel damage
  • Electric Mirrors and Windows not working
  • Power Steering broken
  • Radio CD with Speakers removed or damaged
  • Sell my Audi A3 today – call Shaun at 0421101021 for free valuation

We Buy Sydney Cars Customer reviews for Audi A3 in Australia

Audi A3 Customer Reviews - Sydneycars

Called and picked up the car on the same day!

“I wanted to sell my Audi A3 during the pandemic as we had a new car.  Didn’t want people coming to our family home.  Therefore we gave Shaun a call and he took care of everything.

Turned up wearing masks and kept a minimum of three metres distance.  We agreed on a price over the phone, so they came and collected the vehicle.  Paid us cash in a clear plastic envelope, so was a super clean and safe exchange.  Would recommend these guys as they are a professional outfit.  Another bonus is they handled all the paperwork and transferred the vehicle in their names.  This meant I didn’t need to contact the RTA.

Major fault too expensive to repair at Garage

“I had an early version of the A3, and we use it for a family second car.  It somehow developed a major fault with the engine management system.  The local Audi dealer said repairing it would cost over $2900!  I took it to an independent garage, and they said they could fix it for $1800.

The car is getting long in the tooth, so we didn’t want to waste any more money on it.  With this engine fault, it would be hard to sell my Audi A3 to anybody and we were even thinking of scrapping it.  However, a friend recommended calling Shaun at We Buy Sydney Cars, as they specialize in buying older cars with problems or major faults.

Shaun was super helpful and gave me a quote over the phone.  Said could pick up the car on the same day and pop around after work.  Turned up on time and paid me in cash and towed away the car.  Was super easy to use the service and they handled all the legal paperwork to transfer the car out of my name.”


We Buy Sydney Cars for Cash – do you have one for sale?

Sell your car the easy way - photo of three cars for sale - Sydneycars

We Buy Sydney Cars is looking for similar older cars, and we pay cash on collection.  The team will buy any make or model of the used car regardless of the condition. Call Shaun on 0421101021 if you have any used cars for sale.  We have cash waiting and will pick up your unwanted car for cash on the same day!  Here are some popular cars we are buying for cash at the moment:

  1. Suzuki Swift
  2. Hyundai Getz
  3. Hyundai Elantra
  4. Holden Barina
  5. Toyota Yaris (Wanted autos and manuals)
  6. Nissan Micra
  7. Check out Sydneycar’s Instagram page for new arrivals and special offers
  8. Want to buy a car?  Check out sydneycars for the best-value used cars under $10,000


Need to sell your car today – drive to our depot now!

CASH 4 CARS - image for We Buy Sydney Cars advert showing a hand with cash for cars and a telephone number

Do you need to sell your car for cash today?  If so, give us a quick call and immediately drive to our depot in Botany.  You can sell my Audi A3 in less than 15 mins for cash!

This five-step process shows how easy it is to sell your unwanted car for cash today!  The team here at We Buy Sydney Cars is ready for your call!

  1. Step one – Call Shaun on 0421101021, get a price and then drive straight to our depot in Botany.
  2. Step two – We will buy your unwanted car for cash in ten minutes.
  3. Step three – Our team will handle all the legal paperwork and transfer the ownership into our names.
  4. Step four – Count your cash for selling my Audi A3 to us
  5. Step five – FREE UBER RIDE back to your house in Sydney (max price $75).

Our address is 11 A Clevedon Street, Botany, 2019, Sydney. We will buy your car or 4×4 in fifteen minutes with our cash for cars deals!  Come on down to sell your car for cash today!


Thinking of selling a used Audi A3 – contact us today!

If you are thinking about selling or want to sell my Audi A3 for cash, then contact us today!  All you have to do is fill in the Contact Us form below, and our friendly team will get back to you ASAP.